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Social Media Engagement und Monitoring

with SocialCom®

SocialCom® facilitates the seamless integration of social networks into your customer communications. You no longer need to manually maintain your fan sites, i.e. messages and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and others, but can easily keep track of all interactions thanks to SocialCom®.


Our Social CRM solution seamlessly links social networks, as an additional customer channel, into your existing systems and processes, regardless of the contact center solution or other backend system that you are using. Individual sections for marketeers, market researchers, editors, press officers, and business intelligence agents facilitate your activities in social networks. SocialCom® is used by our customers in 42 countries for interacting in social networks.

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In 2013, SocialCom® was awarded the CCV Quality Award in the category for IT Innovation and received the Bronze 2013 and Silver 2012 awards selected by the readers of the funkschau magazine.

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The Product


Agent Desktop

Do you have customers who contact you publicly via social networks with requests for competent and quick service? Stop missing these requests and please your customers with short response times.SocialCom® seamlessly integrates social networks into your processes without creating a separate service world 2.0. Do you have several projects or customers with very different needs? Employees with different rights and responsibilities? Networks that have nothing in common? Process requirements of a large corporation? SocialCom® covers a great number of possibilities – which you yourself can orchestrate through intuitive operation.

  • Forward messages to your existing incident management system – of course skill-based directly to the relevant editor or editing team.
  • Your posts are categorized automatically and/or manually.
  • Use all features and functions of SocialCom® directly on all terminal (including mobile) devices for editing the individual social networks.
  • Real multi-tenancy enables transparent viewing up to corporate level.
  • Additional features, for example, include setting an internal influencer status or the internationally established Klout Score, as well as automated translations into more than 78 languages.
  • Alternatively, you can use your existing desktop (UHD, Ticketing, CRM) with all its features – SocialCom® then runs automatically in the background.


Would you like to publish company news, product information, videos, photos, etc. quickly and easily in several social networks and at the same time keep track of all activities? Manage publications for all social networks with a single system: SocialCom®.

  • Post multimedia contents when and on which network you want.
  • Use features such as link shortener or the targeting option.
  • Plan the exact times of posts and keep track of them.

Analytics / Reporting

Do you need evaluations and statistics in real time? Experience complete freedom with SocialCom® – including self-defined drag & drop reports.

  • Set internal KPI’s as indicators.
  • Keep track of all networks, interactions, response times and much more with real time data.
  • Export crude data for further use to third-party systems, e.g. to XLS and CSV.


Social Media Monitoring, provided as an SaaS solution, analyses and filters large amounts of text from all relevant media channels fully automatically. For this, the communications from more than 300 million online sources, 1080 print media and the 100 most relevant TV and radio channels are analyzed by means of state-of-the-art processes of text mining and natural language processing. (Offline media can be booked separately.) In addition to classic social media monitoring therefore, communications about products, brands, and topics from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, TV and radio, as well as print media can be used for the daily press review.

  • 360° Monitoring: All media channels in one tool – be it online communications incl. social media, or classic media, such as print, TV, and radio.
  • Dashboard: Provides a wide variety of information and visualizes conspicuous changes at just a few glances.
  • Virality Analysis: Measure how individual posts are spread across media segments and identify the most resonant ones.
  • Benchmarking: Compare the communication content of individual products, topics, or competitors.
  • Clipping List: Here you can individually view, manage, and analyze all posts regarding your topics.
  • Drag & Drop Reporting: With the reporting designer you can quickly and easily set up your individual analysis templates that can automatically be filled with data and sent by mail.

Extension module SocialCom® – I3 Connector

SocialCom® is integrated into an interactive intelligence platform with a brightONE standard adapter, the SocialCom® I3 Connector, to enable central distribution mechanisms, media blending and reporting across media. Via interactive intelligence the messages are then accurately forwarded to the editors or editing teams responsible for the individual topics based on automated or manual data categorization according to internal processes.

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